Snow day treats!

Snow Day Treats! How to make snow scream and white hot chocolate!

Today I’m going to share a couple fun recipes that are a little off the beaten path of what I normally post about; Snow Cream and White Hot Chocolate! These are super kid friendly and if your children are anything like mine they’ll love the chance to help! (more…)

Woodland Animals Part 2: Fox cake topper!

Woodland Animals Toppers Part 2: The Fox!

FINALLY part 2! I’ve had this video sitting on my laptop, about 95% complete, for daysssssss. Oy vey…

Tired as a mother…

I never post nearly as often as I would like. Full disclosure? It’s just because my life is busy and I’m not a morning person! [So getting up at 5 am to squeeze this in aint happenin’ ;)] Cake business, homeschooling 2 girls, large house full of pets to take care of… sometimes it’s a lot and my days are often PACKED lol. As of late though things have been a bit crazier. The hubs is due to deploy soon and that means (more…)