Fancy Sprinkles Review!

Fancy Sprinkles review! -Queens Cake Creations

It is another hot and humid day in Tennesee, good lawd! And another crazy busy week for me! Can you say 3 tier wedding cake that looks like birch tree stumps covered in flowers and hummingbirds? (I’m definitely going to be sharing how I do it all!) Not to mention my other order… But I wanted to finish this post for you guys before I dive into all the baking, frosting, and sugar details!

So first things first this is NOT a sponsored post, I just think Fancy Sprinkles Sprinkles (hehe) are soooo cool and I had to try them out!

I purchased the 4oz jar of “Nice Peacock” and the 4oz jar of “Purple Pony Party.” They were definitely my favorites but they had so many other awesome choices!

Let’s start with Purple Pony Party:

Lots of pink, purple, blue and white!

The biggest pearls are actually chocolate and super yummy. The blue hearts have a pearlescent sheen that I love. These sprinkles are so younique and I’m obsessed! Just for my lovely readers I got a nice close up of them all spread out so you know exactly what you get…

See why I’m obsessed? Gorgeous! The only thing to note is that you can’t just shake them out. Because of the large pearls you need to sprinkle a little and place the bigger ones where you want them.

Adorable right?! Definitely fancy!

Now for Nice Peacock!

This one I like the best! But that’s just because it’s got all my favorite colors which is different for everyone 🙂

Seriously, oh my gah! The colors are so gorgeous and the purple hearts and blue stars all have that lovely pearlescent sheen. This mix also has the large pearls with the delicious chocolate centers. And how cool are the gold bars?! They’re very large and it gives such a younique look! There are also tiny little gold stars which you can see in this close up I so kindly provided ;)…

Just like Purple Pony Party you have to pay attention to how you place the sprinkles. You can pinch some in your fingers and sprinkle, but the large gold bars are best to place where you want them, and the tiny gold stars tend to fall to the bottom so it helps to make sure you get those on there too.

I’m not complaining though! These sprinkles are so worth a tiny little bit of extra effort 🙂 Don’t you think?

So in conclusion…

Fancy Sprinkles are the They’re a little pricier than your normal jar, but a 4 ounce container is bigger than you think (they also offer larger sizes and bento boxes that hold a variety) and they’re so cute that I think it’s totally worth it! Unfortunately I’m unable to link you to Nice Peacock because it is no longer on their site (waaaaaaah) but I’m telling you, they have amazing options that you totally need to check out. I want so many and you will too!

Did I mention they even included a Freebie?!

Just ignore my messy corn starch covered fingers in the background 😛

Who doesn’t love that? And the label is hilarious, I love it!

One last thing, {insert shameless plug} I went a little photo crazy with this post (everything was so dang pretty!) and I simply used PicMonkey to edit every photo! If you have a blog, or even just want to edit photos for Facebook, click the link and give them a go! It’s super user friendly, no need to be tech savvy!

If you order some Fancy sprinkles for yourself let me know how you like them! Have a great day!

20 Confessions of a Cake Decorator…

I’m going to confess all the things that drive me crazy as a cake decorator, and I’m sure every cake decorator feels the same! Because lets be honest, life isn’t perfect, and on this blog I’m never going to pretend like it is!

I love my job, I really do! It’s a fantastic outlet for my creativity that I didn’t realize I had been missing. It’s a way for me to bring in a little extra money that lord knows we all need. It’s something I enjoy and something I’m good at. But every career, every job no matter how great, has it’s downsides or it’s days that it just plain suck.

Seriously one of my favorite movies ever!

If you’re thinking about becoming a cake decorator for profit this list will definitely be eye opening. But don’t let it deter you! This will make you crack up more than dread your career choice, I promise 😉

  1. Spend 12 hours working on a masterpiece cake that you’re super proud of, all they say is thanks.
  2. Message you at 11pm wanting a 3 tier full fondant cake tomorrow by noon. (Always say no!)
  3. Too many cake ideas, not enough clients.
  4. Half way through your recipe when you realize you’re missing one ingredient and need to run to the store.
  5. Thinking a cake will take 3 hours to make, it takes 8.
  6. Super real here… Constantly feeling like you’re not as good as other cake decorators you see.
  7. No sick days! Once that order is scheduled there is no calling in sick. You gotta pull up your big girl pants and get to it!
  8. Customer complains about the price, you only make $10 an hour.
  9. You charge a lot, but it doesn’t mean you charge enough.
  10. You’ve done the dishes 3 times today and are ready to pay someone to clean the kitchen for you.
  11. You make cakes to practice new techniques, then you need to get rid of the cake because you and your family are tired of eating cake (and you and your significant other don’t want to get fat lol)
  12. Covering your cake in fondant and realizing you didn’t roll enough out. Have to peel it off and start over.
  13. Running out of frosting with only one more cupcake to do.
  14. Customer wants an extremely complicated multi-tiered fondant cake with 3D designs; budget is $50. (Yet again, say no!)
  15. Delivering a cake in the pouring rain.
  16. Delivering a cake over gravel roads.
  17. Customer scheduled to pick up at noon, they show up at 2:30.
  18. Blow your nose after airbrushing and weird colors come out.
  19. Taking too many cake orders and realizing you’ll be up late every night, up early each morning, and have zero free time all week.
  20. Difficult and/or picky customers, ’nuff said.

So annoying, so frustrating, yet there are always those moments that make it all worth it! A cake that comes out just right, when a certain design is super fun to make, when your customers are ecstatic and leave amazing reviews, you get the drift. 😀

What are your cake confessions? Share in the comments!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes!

I don’t know about you, but I have a serious obsession with cookie dough. It’s. So. GOOD!! I could probably eat a tub of it if I lacked anymore self control! If you’re in the cookie dough lover category like me then you have got to make these cupcakes. One bite and you’re gonna so glad you did!

Ain’t got time for that?

I will show you exactly how I made mine, and then give you a few shortcuts for if you’re feelin’ lazy you want to simplify things or are simply a mom short on time!

This cookie dough includes an egg, but the dough does cook a little bit. Compare it to a really gooey cookie. It’s still tastes just like cookie dough, but it’s not completely raw! My family and I have eaten these on several occasions with no problems, though I’ll admit I’m totally that person that throws caution to the wind and eats cookie dough whether it has raw eggs or not!

Still worried? Just omit the egg and use some milk or heavy cream to get it to the proper consistency. Being as you’re not actually baking cookies with it, this substitution should work just fine!

Let’s get started!

Start by creaming your unsalted and softened butter and your sugars together. I used a mixing bowl and spatula so I could get some clear pictures, but normally I would use my KitchenAid Mixer and the paddle attachment.

Next stir in the egg and vanilla.

In a separate bowl, mix together your dry ingredients, then slowly incorporate into the wet ingredients.

Now add the chocolate chips and mix them in! I forgot to grab mini chocolate chips at the store, but no worries! If you have regular or baking chocolate chips, just chop them up with a knife! When it comes to baking and cake decorating there is always a solution, just get creative!

Roll your cookie dough into balls, I like to do about 1 tablespoon, and pop them in the freezer!

I’ll be honest here, I never time this. I usually stick ’em in the freezer and do something on my to do list. Then by the time I make the batter they’re good to go. But I would guess you need to freeze them at least half an hour. Next time I promise I’ll time it and let you know!

For the batter I used my Customizable Cake Recipe in vanilla, though I think chocolate would be super yummy as well! Mmmm chocolate… Using that recipe and the table spoon portions of cookie dough will give you a little over 30 cupcakes. Only fill the cups halfway, then drop the frozen cookie dough ball on top. This time around I poured a little batter, put in the dough ball, then poured a little bit more to cover it, but I noticed it didn’t make any difference, so you may as well save yourself the hassle!

Bake for exactly 16 minutes at 350 degrees. You don’t want to overcook or you’ll end up with a hard chunk of cookie in the center of your cupcake and then you’ll be sad. Don’t be sad.

Let them cool in the pan until you can touch them. Then take them out to continue cooling. If you don’t, sometimes they can get a bit stuck in the cupcake pan thanks to the heavy cookie dough. As you can see in the photo above, some of liners poked into the cupcakes, ugh. Nobody wants rumply cupcakes! The best liners are the ones that come in bulk like these that come in a nice sleeve to help them keep their shape. Other liners tend to flatten out and not fit properly in the cup, causing those rumples.

Is that not the cutest sign? Part of my dining room decor, always cracks me up!

I used yummy crusting cream cheese buttercream to frost these bad boys and holy cow, so good! If you want something a little less sweet to balance the sweetness of the cookie dough, try a swiss meringue buttercream. I have some amazing recipes for both of those so let me know in the comments which you want to see first!

Drool worthy, right? I confess, I may have had like 5 just a few 😉

So about those shortcuts…

I totally get it. Sometimes these fancy desserts don’t get made because life is busy and if it’s not short and sweet it aint happening. No problem, I’ve got a couple solutions…

Instead of homemade cookie dough, choose your favorite cookie dough at the store. Grab a tub, roll the balls, and freeze just like this recipe! Heck you could even get pre-portioned cookie dough and plop those in!

Instead of my Customizable Cake Recipe (gasp!) just follow the instructions for your basic boxed cake mix. No shame! I promise I won’t hunt you down for the affront 😉 Just keep in mind this will give you less batter, so more like 24 cupcakes.

You can even just grab a jar of frosting instead of making your own buttercream. Now I’m not saying this is the way to go, but I am saying that us adults get SO BUSY and it’s OK when you have to make some shortcuts here and there to get by 🙂 However, if you’re a cake decorator and this is your line of work, always make it yourself!

Make these ah-may-zing cupcakes and after you’ve tried one (or many, no judgement here ;)) tell me what you think!

Have a great week!

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Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes!
Cupcakes with a yummy cookie dough center!
  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix sugars, butter, vanilla, and egg. Mix together dry ingredients then add to wet and combine. Mix in chocolate chips. Roll into Tablespoon sized balls and freeze. After frozen, make cake batter and fill baking cups halfway. Drop in frozen cookie dough balls. Bake for 16 minutes.
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